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I ran the pop culture blog Wrestling Entropy from 2004 through 2010, and my writing has also appeared on Spiked, PopMatters, Daytrotter, Maura Magazine, Public Streets, and Bright Wall/Dark Room. A few of my favorite old pieces from those days include “How to Buy a Guitar in Chicago,” “On Magic: Reflections Inspired by Deceptive Practice,” and All in the Family: On Steve McQueen’s Shame.

I’m also a publishing industry veteran, having worked at a midsized independent book publishing house in Chicago since 2002. I’ve edited and prepared for print hundreds of titles in a variety of genres, including Cherry Vanilla’s rock and roll memoir, Lick Me; the definitive biography of comedy writer Doug Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture (yes, the one they made into a Netflix movie starring a miscast Will Forte as Kenney); Henry Rollins’s photography book Occupants; and Ned Sublette’s award-winning history of the Crescent City, The World That Made New Orleans. I edit to the Chicago Manual of Style and am available for consultations and freelance work.