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You may also be interested in my zines, Loose Ends and Loneliness and Satan Is My Father.

You can also listen to me discuss the practice of blogging on the “Blog vs. Podcast” episode of A Chatter of Fact (episode 15 via iTunes here; direct via Libsyn here).

I ran the pop culture blog Wrestling Entropy from 2004 through 2010, and my writing has also appeared on Spiked, PopMatters, Daytrotter, Maura Magazine, Public Streets, and Bright Wall/Dark Room. A few of my recent favorite pieces include “How to Buy a Guitar in Chicago,” “On Magic: Reflections Inspired by Deceptive Practice,” and All in the Family: On Steve McQueen’s Shame.

I’m also a publishing industry veteran, having worked at a midsized independent book publishing house in Chicago since 2002. I’ve edited and prepared for print hundreds of titles in a variety of genres, including Cherry Vanilla’s rock and roll memoir Lick Me; the definitive biography of comedy writer Doug Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture; Henry Rollins’s photography book Occupants; and Ned Sublette’s award-winning history of the city, The World That Made New Orleans. I edit to the Chicago Manual of Style and am available for consultations and freelance work.