For the Thrill and the Wonder of Adventure

Early my sophomore year at Indiana University, I went to an orientation session for students who were interested in volunteering at the campus radio station. In my typically over-serious fashion, I was worried that I hadn’t sufficiently taken… Read More

Fifteen Thoughts About Jimi Hendrix on the Occasion of His Birthday

1. Rock music has, stylistically and technically, never moved beyond Jimi Hendrix. Fact. 2. My dad was a keyboard player with a trumpet fetish who mainly listened to jazz, show tunes, and doo-wop around the house, so I… Read More

Mark Knopfler’s TRACKER and Art in Present Time

As a bookwormy kid, I was, of course, very comfortable and conversant with the past. With the exception of The Baby-Sitters Club series, which released new books periodically that I would greedily read in one sitting once I… Read More