Coffee and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Yesterday morning I stopped at the Asado on Irving Park for a coffee. I was feeling crabby and unsettled, stifled in some indefinable way. When I stepped inside, the guy behind the counter greeted me warmly, cheerfully asking… Read More

The Times That We Met Before We Met

Rob Mulholland, "Vestige"

We all have those splinter spots in our lives where, if we’d gone in another direction, the trajectory of our lives would have been radically different. It’s the butterfly effect or the Sliding Doors principle or whatever. One… Read More

Delany and the City

Chris Smith, "Wabash Under the L"

I don’t remember when I first consciously realized it, but I am a devotee of The City. And though of course I love my current home of Chicago, I don’t mean the Windy City exclusively. I am devoted,… Read More