I’m a trained psychic reader and reiki master teacher. You can book an appointment for any of my services over here.

Or you can listen to me talk about my practice and training in this excerpt from the podcast A Chatter of Fact:

But to be honest, the least interesting thing about my being psychic is my being psychic. The most interesting thing about my being psychic is actually you.

Part of my academic background is in film criticism, and it turns out that watching and talking about movies is not entirely different from giving a clairvoyant reading. Just like I’d approach an assessment of a film by describing its dominant colors, symbols, and overall “vibe,” so too do I dive into a psychic reading by describing the story of you. By reflecting back the quality of the energy I see in and around you, I can help you reconnect with your passions, help you acknowledge and clear through anything that may be making you feel frustrated or blocked, and help you better understand all manner of questions, thoughts, feelings, dreams, concerns, hunches, and fancies.

For a very long time I felt I needed to stay a bit undercover with my mystical & magical inclinations. Not out of shame or embarrassment, exactly; mostly just because there didn’t seem to be a place I fit in. I was always too skeptical for the devout, yet too floaty for the intellectuals; too grounded for the flower children, yet too prophetic for the materialists; not wild enough for the West Coast, yet not laser-focused enough for the East Coast. But maybe my Indiana-born-and-raised Zen Buddhist clairvoyant rock star weirdness is the right kind of weirdness for your healing needs?

I’m Aquarius sun/Scorpio moon/Gemini rising, born in the year of the Earth Goat.

To read more about my life as a psychic, check out the following essays:

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